About Us

For more than 3 decades, OnPoint Specialty Products has been providing innovative merchandising solutions to customers rooted in offering the best in creative services and products to the souvenir marketplace.

We have an experienced team of creative professionals providing graphic design and product development services to meet your most exact merchandising needs. Whatever your specific goals, we have the resources necessary to design and deliver exciting and unique products to help you accomplish these objectives.

OnPoint’s library of stock merchandise is continually expanding as we research and identify new products that have promising market potential. Many of our clients utilize these items in conjunction with custom products to develop their own sales and merchandising strategies. These products provide an excellent opportunity to test your specific merchandising possibilities. As many of our long time clients will attest, this is a great way to increase sales while controlling inventory.

If you have any questions or need assistance in creating a program to fit your specific needs, please contact us.